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  • Colvac RP

    Pharmagal Bio RP / Colvac


    Emulsion for injection for pigeons.
    Rotavirus. Paramyxovirus
    1 vial of 50 doses


  • Pharmagal Bio Pharmavac PHA


    Pharmavac PHA is for active immunization of pigeons from the age of 4 weeks onwards:
    –      to reduce mortality and frequency and severity of clinical signs caused by paramyxovirus type 1 (PMV1).
    –      to reduce the severity of clinical signs, gross lesions and virus shedding caused by pigeon herpesvirus (PHV1).
    –      to reduce the severity of clinical signs and gross lesions caused by adenovirus (AdV) namely type 7/E, 2/D, 3/D and 4/C belonging to subgroup I

  • Pharmagal Bio Diftovac


    Live attenuated pigeon pox virus, strain NJ.
    For active immunisation of pigeons agains pigeon pox to reduce clinical signs and lesions linked to pigeon pox virus infection.

    1 vial of 50 doses and
    1 vial of 10 ml solvent

  • Pharmagal Bio SALMOVAC 50 ds


    Active immunization of pigeons against salmonelosis.

  • Pharmagal Bio Pharmavac Columbi 2


    PHARMAVAC COLUMBI 2 emulsion for injection for pigeons.
    Active immunisation of pigeons against Paramyxovirus and Herpes virus infections.

    1 Vial with content of 15 ml (50 doses)