Broad spectrum Anthelmintic
Effective against all major types of worms

Box with 100 capsules


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Wide spectrum anthelmintic for pigeons

Capsules provide an exact dosage of the active ingredient phenbendazole.
One capsule per bird is sufficient for deworming.
Effective against all major types of worms. Roundworms, hairworms and tapeworms.

In case of worm infection: deworming of all pigeons of the loft at the same time.
Adult pigeons: 3 weeks before mating.

How often?
See worm infestation treatment plan.

1 capsule per bird.

100 capsules are enough for 100 pigeons.

Deworming precautions:
Note: No deworming during the main moulting season and during hatching.

For contraindications, side effects, interactions with other preparations and special instructions: see label on the packaging.