To improve performance during competitions

300 ml bottle with dosing cap


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To improve performance during competitions

  • Contains an exceptionally high L-carnitine content
  • Improves the availability of energy from the fat metabolism during competitions
  • Combats rapid fatigue, muscle cramps and loss of muscle protein in flight
  • Contains B vitamins to support the undisturbed function of the energetic metabolism

Before the race once a day for 3 days, incl. day of basketing 20 ml (1 dosing head) per 2 liters of drinking water or mixed with the daily feed ration of 40 pigeons, 1 bottle (300 ml) is sufficient for 30 liters of drinking water

In adult pigeons – hard flights – for flights where the average speed does not exceed 1,000 m per minute – for training to improve the condition: regulates the fat metabolism, the main energy supplier for the flight.
Before using chevi-duran® it is very important to increase the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the food (peanuts and corn). The racing pigeons should not have training flights around the loft the day before basketing to prevent energy loss.