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Inactivated Paramyxovirus-1 vaccine for immunization against paramyxovirose in pigeons

210 doses
(3 injection vials with 70 doses each)

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Inactivated Paramyxovirus-1 vaccine for immunization against paramyxoviosis in pigeons

Active immunization to reduce the severity of clinical symptoms, mortality and excretion period of virus after infection caused by paramyxovirus type 1.
Onset of immunity: 14 days after the last injection. Immunity: 1 year.

Composition per dose
A dose of 0,3 ml vaccine contains:
Active ingredient: Pigeon paramyxovirus 1 strain 988M-ca, inactivated: inducing ≥ 5.8 log2 Hemagglutination inhibitory units in chickens.
Adjuvant: emulsion of non-mineral oil.
Auxiliary: Thiomersal.

Don’t vaccinate unhealthy birds.

Dosage and application

  1. Preheat the vaccine to + 22 °C.
  2. Use only clean and sterile syringes and needles (0.7×25 mm).
  3. Shake well before use. It is recommended to repeat the shaking from time to time during application.
  4. Dosage for all ages: 0.3 ml per pigeon.
  5. Injection of the vaccine under the skin into the neck area (subcutaneous injection).
  6. After dawn, use or throw away within 4 hours.

Vaccination plan

  1. Basic immunisation: First vaccination of youngsters in the 5th week of life.
  2. Second vaccination in the 9th week. Onset of immunity: after 14 days.

Immunity: 12 months.
Repeat immunisation at least every 12 months, but no later than 5 weeks before mating or 3 weeks before the start of the flight and exhibition season.
[Tweede basisimmunisatie en herhaalde vaccinatie kunnen gelijktijdig met vaccinatie tegen pokken worden uitgevoerd (alleen follikelmethode).]

Waiting time
0 days.

Keep chilled and transport (2-8 °C). Don’t freeze. Protect from light. It is important to keep short-term deviations from the specified storage temperature to a minimum. Keep out of the reach of children.