Dac Pharma Breeder Tablets


Dac Breeder Tablets, easily digestible proteins for optimal growth of young pigeons.

Packaging: 350 tablets.

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At the urgent request of many pigeon fanciers, included in the DAC Greenline program: “DAC Breeder Tablets.”

contain easily absorbable vegetable and animal proteins for optimal rearing.
are full of necessary vitamins and amino acids for the development of young birds.
ensure the maintenance of vitality and good fertility in the breeding pigeons.

Use and dosage:

from 1 week old: 1 to 2 tablets twice a week, depending on age
from 5 weeks old: 2 tablets once a week week
breeding pigeons: 1x per week 1 to 2 tablets

or as the expert prescribes.

Packaging: 350 tablets.