Dac Pharma Broomhexine


The expectorant allows the medicine for the respiratory tract to work better.

Packaging: jar 100 grams.

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The effect of this expectorant is attributed to the property of lowering the viscosity of viscous bronchus mucus. This makes it easier for the pigeon to get rid of the mucus. If this expectorant is combined with an antibiotic (such as DAC Doxycycline, Ornithosemix, Tylosin, Spiramycin, Ronidazole, Secnidazole and Metromidazole), the expectorant also ensures a good excretion of the antibiotic used in the bronchial mucus. In other words, the expectorant ensures that the medicine for the respiratory tract can work better. The expectorant can also be added to the drinking water the day before and before basketing, so that the pigeons enter the basket with a clean throat. As far as is known, this expectorant has no adverse effect on flight performance, so it is ideally suited for use during the racing season.

Dosage: 5 grams for 1 liter of water (= 20-25 pigeons).

Can be administered at the same time as other DAC drugs if necessary.

Pay attention!! Bromhexine should not be combined with Furaltadone, FMT Mix or Respiratory Red mix.

Packaging: jar 100 grams.