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Dac Pharma Calcium Tablets

Calcium deficiency.
Tablet for oral individual treatment of calcium deficiency in birds of prey.

Calcium tablets contain easily absorbable calcium, vitamins and glucose.
Calcium tablets provide the necessary supplement for deficiencies caused by monotonous diet, e.g. a diet consisting only of chicks and other young animals.
Can also be used as a ‘first aid’ remedy for suddenly developed defects, e.g. in paralysis and cramps after a period of reduced activity; in egg-laying birds; or vitamin deficiencies.

ATTENTION! These tablets are NOT intended for use in case of POISON by, for example, lead or agricultural pesticides.
In case of sudden cramps and/or paralysis due to disorders of the nervous system, we strongly recommend that you contact your vet immediately.

1 tablet per 500 g of body weight.

50 tablets.