DAC Pharma Carnitrix 10+


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Dac Pharma Carnitrix 10+ is an oral treatment against cancer (Trichomoniasis, Hexamitiasis)

Infection caused by protozoa sensitive to carnidazole.

Administration and usage advice:
routine treatment

-young pigeons: at weaning,
-adult pigeons: before mating,
-during the first part of the breeding period, after returning from flights when the pigeons have been in the travel boxes for a long time.
-therapeutic treatment when there has been an infection with Trichomonas.

Give your birds DAC Multivitmix after medication.

All birds in the loft should preferably be treated before feeding. At the time of treatment, drinking troughs should not be present until 2 hours after treatment, when they can be returned to the loft after thorough disinfection.
Repeat the treatment when the risk of re-infection is high, at the beginning of the breeding period, at the beginning of the breeding period, when introducing new birds, etc.
The tablet is placed directly in the mouth. All pigeons in the loft must be treated simultaneously to prevent untreated pigeons from being a source of reinfection for the treated pigeons.

50 tablets.