DAC Pharma Condition Stimulant


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Dac Pharma Condition Stimulant (CS) is a mixture of 50 natural extracts and contains essential minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids with a high degree of bioavailability.

In this way:
– promotes the condition of the birds and the absorption of essential nutrients
-promotes extra vitality, improves performance and ensures faster recovery after strenuous exercise
-increases fertility in older breeding pigeons
-promotes the increased absorption of sulfur, which is essential for feather growth.

Dac Pharma Condition Stimulant has no toxic effects or harmful side effects – can be administered in drinking water as well as in feed.

1 g for 10 kg body weight (= 20 pigeons).
Can be combined with all DAC medicines and vitamins.

jar of 100 grams.