DAC Pharma Energy Activator


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Dac Pharma Energy Activator is for more endurance, less fatigue and promotes recovery.

DAC Pharma ENERGY ACTIVATOR contains carnitine, vitamins B, C and E, magnesium sulfate, sorbitol and plant extracts. All these elements are indispensable for a good energy supply!

DAC Pharma ENERGY ACTIVATOR promotes and supports the transport of body fats for more energy. It reduces the level of free fatty acids in the blood and decreases the amount of lactic acid in the bird’s muscles during flight, reducing fatigue and increasing endurance. Carnitine releases less CPK (creatine phosphokinase) into the blood. Lactic acid and CPK are causes of muscle fatigue and cramping. Vitamins B, C and E promote performance and strengthen the “form” and “activity” of the pigeon.

DAC ENERGY ACTIVATOR is most effective when administered with a high fat content or when additional DAC Peanut Oil or Racing Oil is added to the feed.

short flights: day of return: 0.5 ml/1 liter of water, repeat the day before shipment
long flights: day of return: 1 ml/1 liter of water, repeat the day before shipment