DAC Pharma Respiratory 4+ Tablets


Respiratory infections, ornithosis, trichomoniasis and mucus in the throat.

Packaging: 5 x 10 = 50 tablets

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Indication: respiratory infections, ornithosis, trichomoniasis and mucus in the throat.
Combination table for oral treatment of respiratory infections, ornithosis, trichomoniasis and mucus in the throat in pigeons.

Respiratory infections can have various causes: in addition to infection factors (eg viruses, bacteria and Mycoplasma), environmental aspects such as poor accommodation conditions (design, overcrowding) and weather conditions also play a role. Symptoms of respiratory infections include: decreased performance; Dirty brain and eye flies, erect feathers at the ears, wet eyes and breathing with an open beak. These symptoms are often accompanied by mucus in the throat.
Since birds with respiratory infections often also have a trichomonad infection, it is wise to treat the latter at the same time.

DAC developed this combination tablet for this purpose:
Doxycycline is a long-acting broad spectrum tetracycline with high affinity for lung tissue and is therefore an extremely suitable antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial respiratory infections.
Spiramycin has a highaffinity for lung tissue and the mucous membrane of the nose and pharynx and is highly active against most Gram-positive bacteria, Mycoplasma and Chlamydia; Therefore, it is very suitable for the treatment of respiratory infections.
The active substances Spiramycin and Doxycycline have a synergistic effect, ie each increases the effect of the other substance. For this reason, this combination will work better than the individual substances in certain cases.
Bromhexine : an expectorant that ensures good absorption of the administered antibiotic in the bronchial mucus. In other words, the expectorant increases the effect of the medication in the respiratory tract.

Active Ingredients: Doxycycline Hycl, Spiramycin Adip., Metronidazole, Bromhexine HCl.

Preventive treatment: 1 tablet per pigeon, 1 day / 2 consecutive days.
Curative treatment: 1 tablet per pigeon, 3-5 consecutive days or as prescribed by an expert.
For the treatment of large numbers of birds, Doxycycline (D001) + Spiramycin (LD002) + Bromhexine (D059) + Ronidazole (D021) can be mixed and administered in the drinking water or over the food.
Attention!! Bromhexine does not combine with nitrofurans, zoalene or carbadox.
Calcareous products should not be administered during treatment.

Package: 50 tablets.