DAC Pharma Spiramycin 10%


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Dac Pharma Spiramycin 10%

Mycoplasmosis, respiratory infections (infection of the trachea and air sac).
Powder for the treatment of mycoplasmosis, respiratory tract infections (infection of the trachea and air sac) in larger flocks of birds.

Infected birds may show difficulty breathing, manifested by lung murmurs, coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge and runny eyes. The birds grow lethargic; food intake is disrupted, leading to weight loss.
Spiramycin has a high affinity for lung tissue and the mucous membrane of the nose and throat and is very active against most Gram-positive bacteria, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia and therefore very suitable for the treatment of respiratory infections.

1 gram/2 kg live weight, administered for 5-7 consecutive days or as directed by an expert.

Spiramycin 10% may be added to the feed.
You can also mix the dose with a small amount of water and administer it with a crop needle.
We recommend an accurate dosage; use an accurate scale (D2000).
If necessary, it can be administered concomitantly with other DAC medications.

Sachet of 50 grams (measuring spoon 1+5 g included).