DAC Pharma Super Elixer 4+


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The only Super Elixer that can be called 4+, because:

1. it increases stamina and helps prevent infections
2. It contains much needed vitamins
3. it provides many building materials for spring molding
4. it allows the birds to quickly get back into shape after flights.

All this makes Dac Pharma Super Elixer 4+ a product that can be administered all year round.

1 measuring cap per 2 liters of drinking water.

Garlic 5%
Seaweed 7.5%
Brewer’s yeast 7.5%
Vitamin B complex 0.1%
Vitamin C, E, PP 2%
Amino Acids 4%
Minerals 0.12%
Herbs 10%
Apple cider vinegar q.s.up to 100 %

1000 ml drink for the treatment of pigeons, cage birds from 300 to 3000 grams live weight.