DAC Pharma Tylo-dox Special mix


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Dac Pharma Tylo-dox Special mix

Is for the treatment of Ornithosis, Mycoplasmosis, Respiratory problems and Canker.

Feather plucking, head scratching, red throat, yawning, inflamed third eyelid (especially in young pigeons), dirty noses, bluish, swollen heads, one eye cold, wet eyes, snot

For prevention during the racing season: 1 measuring spoon (= 5 gr.) for 20 pigeons (10 kg live weight/1 l. drinking water) during 1 to 2 days, every 2 weeks. Preferably start the day after the race.
As a treatment: 1 measuring spoon (= 5 gr.) for 10 kg live weight during 5-7 consecutive days. This course can be repeated after a few days if necessary.

Tylo-dox Special mix is a water-soluble powder, it can also be given over the feed.
In most cases, this product can possibly be combined with other DAC medicines.

Pot 100 grams.