multivitamin EB12

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A multivitamin boost

Box with 100 capsules
Box of sachets with 7.5g each

A multivitamin boost

Multivitamin concentrate for strengthening performance of pigeons during stress, during competitions.
Contains essential amino acids, e.g. methionine and lysine for optimal protein metabolism (competitions, growth, moulting) and for the synthesis of the endogenous L-carnitine.
Breeding season: stimulates the libido and fertility of the pigeon
Available in powder form for treatment through drinking water and in capsule form for treatment of individual pigeons.

Long-distance races:
24 hours before basketting, but not later. Once 1 sachet per 4 to 6 liters of drinking water
Or 1 capsule per pigeon.
12 sachets are sufficient for 48 to 72 liters of drinking water depending on the dosage.
100 capsules are enough for 100 pigeons.
Follow-up treatment after vitamin-consuming infections, 2 days after termination of treatment: 1 x per day, repetition after a week 1 sachet per 2 liters of drinking water or 2 capsules per pigeon per day.
12 sachets are sufficient for 24 liters of drinking water.

100 capsules are enough for 50 pigeons.
Before and after vaccinations, once a day.
1st administration: 1 day before vaccination.
2nd administration: 6 days after vaccination.
In case of fertility problems: for 4 weeks, 2 days a week


1 x 100 capsules, 12 sachets à 7.5 g