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Recovery and performance improvement

Box with 100 capsules
Box with 12 sachets with 7.5g each

Recovery and performance improvement

Contains creatine for more strength and endurance.
Contains carnitine for more efficient use of lipids and oxygen, which strengthens the heart muscle.
Contains salicylic acid with an anti-inflammatory and blood thinning effect.
Contains vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, for the maintenance of metabolic and bodily functions.

Short-distance races: 2 days after the race, 1 x a day 1 sachet per 2 liters of drinking water or added to the daily feed ration of 40 pigeons or 1 capsule per pigeon per day.
Long distance races: 3 days after the race, once a day.

12 sachets are sufficient for 24 liters of drinking water.
100 capsules are enough for 100 pigeons per day.


1 x 100 capsules, 12 sachets à 7.5 g