Wide spectrum disinfectant for loft disinfection

1 – 300 ml bottle with dosing cup

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Wide spectrum disinfectant for loft disinfection.

Complete elimination of coccidia, coccidial oocysts, worm eggs, worm larvae and trichomonas.
Also effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Moisturizes and penetrates surfaces safely

Special disinfection against intestinal parasites (eg At the beginning of and after treatments against worms and / or coccidial oocysts).
Solution: 60 ml (3 dosing heads) per 2 liters of water.

Disinfection by parafectans: After cleaning, spray the attic, floor, walls, seating boards and other equipment with a working solution of parafectans. Leave on for 4 hours for the full effect. Do not rinse with water.
Remove pigeons from the loft and return them only after the disinfectant has dried and the loft has been thoroughly aired.

1 bottle (300 ml) is sufficient to prepare 10 liters of solution
10 liters of working solution is sufficient for an area of 100 m².

Note: During the racing season, the loft should only be disinfected during treatment for specific diseases.