Chevi-tren 1x300 ml

Chevi-tren 1x300 ml

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Control of ectoparasites

  • Effective against mites, ticks, fleas, lice, feather lice, as well as mosquitos, flies, and other insects
  • Also effective against red poultry mites
  • Substained effect over 8 weeks
  • Well tolerated as an immersion bath for pigeons

    1x300 ml

When? How often? How much? Yield
Preventive application (spraying the pigeons) During summer time - once, every 2 month Working solution:
60 ml (3 dosing heads) per 2 litres of water
1 bottle (300 ml) is sufficient to prepare 10 litres of working solution.
In infestation by ectoparasites See treatment plan Ectoparasites