Chevimulin-t  12x7,5g sachets

Chevimulin-t 12x7,5g sachets

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Against infections of the respiratory tract

  • Therapeutic of high efficacy for pigeons and caged birds
  • Effective against mycoplasms, E.coli, Haemophilus gallinarium, as well as pasteurellae
  • Available in powder form for treatment via the drinking water and in capsule form for treatment of individual birds
When? How often? How much? Yield
In Infectious catarrh (Coryza) See treatment plan Infectious Catarrh 12 sachets are sufficient for 24 litres of drinking water

100 capsules are sufficient for 100 pigeons per day
In Haemophilus catarrh See treatment plan Haemophilus infection

For contra-indications, side effects, interactions with other preparations, and special instructions: see package label.

12x7,5g sachets