Liviferm 12x5,0 g sachets

Liviferm 12x5,0 g sachets

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For the stabilisation of the intestinal microflora of pigeons

  • Contains viable natural bacteria, prebiotics and vitamins of the B-complex
  • Inhibits harmful germs in the gut
  • Supports actively the re-establishment of the natural intestinal microflora
  • Available in powder form for treatment via the drinking water and in capsule form for treatment of individual birds
When? How often? How much? Yield
In unspecific scours with aqueous faeces, without primary bacterial or parasitic cause For 5 days - once a day 1 sachet per 2 litres of drinking water
o r
1 capsule per pigeon and day
12 sachets are sufficient for 24 litres of drinking water

100 capsules are sufficient for 100 pigeons
Following oral antibiotic or chemotherapeutic therapies
In stress conditions (mating, rearing, vaccinations, etc.)
In case of wet droppings during races, 2 days after race Once a week

Note: Do not administer capsules to the parent birds during rearing. Treatments should be carried out via the drinking water only.

12x5,0 g sachets