Desinfectans 1x300 ml

Desinfectans 1x300 ml

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Effective loft disinfection

  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses, mycoplasms, and fungi
  • Pigeons may remain in the loft during disinfection
  • Do not contain phenols
  • Pleasant smell
When? How often? How much? Yield
Preventive disinfection as a sanitary measure - after racing season has finished
- before mating
Working solution:
60 ml (3 dosing heads) per 2 litres of water
1 bottle (300 ml) is sufficient to prepare 10 litres of working solution.

10 litres of working solution are sufficient for a surface of 100 m².
Specific disinfection in an outbreak of disease Whenever it appears necessary

Disinfection by using desinfectans: After cleaning spray the loft, floor, walls, seat shelves and other equipment with a working solution of desinfectans. Allow 4 hours for full effect. Do not rinse off with water. Pigeons can remain in the loft.
Note: During the racing season, loft should only be disinfected in the course of treatment for specific diseases.

1x300 ml