Ins 15 1x300 ml

Ins 15 1x300 ml

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Elimination of ectoparasites in pigeons lofts

  • Contact poison esp. against ticks, mites, feather lice, lice, fleas and flies
  • Rapid and long lasting effect
When? How often? How much? Yield
Preventive disinfection as a sanitary measure Once, every 2 months Working solution:
60 ml (3 dosing heads) per 2 litres of water
1 bottle (300 ml) is sufficient to prepare 10 litres of working solution.

10 litres of working solution are sufficient to treat a surface of 100 m².
Application in case of infestation Whenever it appears necessary

Apply the working solution at low pressure to surfaces, equipment and appliances. Providing it is applied correctly, ins15 can also be used while the birds are in the loft. Do not spray directly on to birds or feed. Cover feed and watering devices. Only use in well-ventilated areas. Do not re-use the packaging. ins15 is toxic for bees and fish and must not be allowed to enter the waste-water-system.

1x300 ml